Donut Factory now open in Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- Preperations for the opening of the new donut shop of entrepreneurs Saskia and Lenaira Brown were ongoing for the past few months, and have now come to full fruitition with the opening to the public.

The two young entrepreneurs, originally from St. Eustatius, decided to take their succesful donut concept all the way to Bonaire, and got support from Qredits for their financing needs.

The new shop is located in front of Subway, in the center of Kralendijk. The two enterpreneurs were cheered on via Zoom by their friends and family from St. Eustatius and from customers on Bonaire.


The first 30 customers who came in to visit the store got a free donut yesterday. The store was visited by quite some curious customers, and especially those with a sweet tooth.

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