DP Bonaire protests late invitations and Island Council meetings behind closed doors

KRALENDIJK – The Democratic Party on Bonaire (PDB) is displeased with the late invitations the faction receives to attend meetings. For example, the faction only received an invitation during the course of Tuesday for a meeting later in the day with Quarter Master Climate, Ed Nijpels.

“Unacceptable” says faction leader Clark Abraham. However, it is not the only grievance of the red party. “We constantly receive invitations at the last moment, or for meetings which take place behind closed doors, and which therefore cannot be followed by the public. Why this mystery? Why shouldn’t the population know what is being discussed there?”

The party sent off a protest letter to Island Governor Edison Rijna as chairman of the Island Council. In it, the red faction reminds Rijna that there are certain deadlines for convening council meetings. They are set at seven days.


Although the PDB also indicates that these are important topics, it still chooses not to attend meetings that are convened with too short notice.

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