DP Statia happy with results of Party Retreat

ORANJESTAD- On Saturday the 19th of November 2022 DP Statia kicked off their retreat where the party spoke about their functioning, and how they can improve and better serve the community. 

The first day saw four presentations. Speaker were Raquel Spanner Carty  who focused on the DP’s Party’s manifesto and their Core Beliefs.  Brian Carty focussed on how Statia can develop a more sustainable economy. “Managing the economy of an Island is like managing your household. Understanding how many resources we have and how we can guarantee a steady influx of more”, according to Carty. Carty also spoke about the need for political stability and good governance to foster economic growth. 

Raimie Richardson spoke about Branding & Campaign, Digitalization & Media and Geographical politics in the region. His presentation outlined the need for change and a political strategy that will position the DP for future success. 

Ernie Simmons during his presentation highlighted the lessons learned from the ongoing intervention of the Central government. 

Island Council

On Sunday morning and the second day of the Retreat, Council lady for the DP, Adelka Spanner, explained the workings of the Island Council which lead to many sometimes heated discussions about the many rules and procedures of the Island Council. 

Participants then had the opportunity to participate in a mock Island Council meeting preparing them for when the opportunity to serve the people of Statia arises. This meeting was chaired by retired politician former, Island Council member, Commissioner, Parliamentarian and acting governor Julian Woodley. 

The Democratic Party states that they are grateful to all speakers, the participants and all who in one way or another contributed to the success of the Retreat. 

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