Draft environmental legislation   in place for businesses 

Draft environmental legislation   in place for businesses 

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management and the Public Entities St. Eustatius, Saba and Bonaire have prepared draft environmental legislation for businesses. The legislation, that will go into effect in the second quarter of 2022, concerns a broad spectrum of environmental factors. Residents, businesses and organizations are invited to give their (online) opinion on the draft legislation. 

The official name of the draft legislation is “Establishment and Activities Decree BES”. The draft decree includes environmental regulations for businesses that have an impact on the environment due to their specific activities. An example is a car garage where there is a possibility of leaking oil or a construction company where there is a risk of releasing hazardous materials into the environment. 

Depending on the impact of the activity, the business must adhere to general binding rules. A business can also apply for an environmental permit before starting its activities which can have an impact on the environment. 

When the decree is adopted it will form the legal basis for more specific rules in the form of a ministerial decree and an island ordinance.  

Annex 1 of the decree refers to the activities that will be regulated. On the legal basis of this decree, the general binding rules will be further transposed in a ministerial decree and an Island Ordinance.  

Everyone is invited to submit feedback and/or ask questions through the webpage Reageren IAB BESVia the link IAB BESthe English web text (E1) and draft decree (E2) under ‘Overige documenten’ can be found. The internet consultation on the draft started on September 15th, 2021.

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