Drastic Upgrading Planned for Bachelors Beach

Kralendijk – The Public Entity Bonaire will soon start work to make Playa Fòrn’i Kalki, better know as Bachelors Beach, more accessible and more attractive.

There will be plenty of parking spaces with enough space for buses. On the higher part, a terrace with palapas, free internet connection, a better and safer staircase to the beach and beautiful, local plants to create an ideal atmosphere.

“The sea is part of our Bonairean culture and identity. Enjoying a day at the beach with the whole family is a regular activity for us as Bonaireans. Given the history of the Playa Fòrn’i Kalki and also the number of people who visit this beach, it is necessary to provide better facilities for both local visitors and tourists,” says deputy of tourism Hennyson Thielman.

There will also be a playground for children, kiosks where local entrepreneurs can sell or rent beach equipment, a place with picnic tables where food and drinks are sold and a building with shower and toilet and where people can change clothes.


“A Bonairean architect is responsible for the design. We are extremely proud that a young, local professional who understands our style and our needs has designed the beach so that we can continue to raise the standard of life for our residents,” says Commissioner of inftrastructure, James Kroon.

According to Kroon, the Public Entity Bonaire has ensured to preserve the unique, natural aspects of the beach and guarantees that they will remain intact. “The beach is and will remain free to the public, it will only get a facelift for our local people and our visitors. The development of this beach is in line with the policy for our tourism sector and the Tourist Recovery Plan. The goal is to improve our facilities and create new, unique experiences. Visible changes can be expected to take place on this beach in the coming months”.

According to Thielman and Kroon this may temporarily limit accessibility, but at the same time ensures that in 6 months Bonaire can enjoy an even more beautiful Playa Fòrn’i Kalki.

The full video about the plans can be seen here:

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