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Drawing Contest Elderly People and People with Disabilities

Kralendijk – MiVaBo has organized a drawing contest aimed at people with disabilities and elderly people.

The theme of the drawing contest was ‘Esaki ta mi bida’ which means ’this is my life’. The jury consists of Janice Huckabee and Emma Groeneveld.

The overall winner of the contest was Marcelino Josefa, his painting will be printed on a board. Besides this winner there was one person who also noticed and that was Jacques Winklaar, a visually handicapped boy. Despite this handicap, he participated in the drawing contest, which makes it extra special.


Within the group of elderly, Bernardino Emerenciana of Kas di Mimina was the first to finish. In the second place, Juan Cicilia finished from Cocari and finally in the third place Criselda Soliana from Villa Antonia.

Among the youngsters is the first place for the previously named Marcelino Josefa. Dennis Reina finished second. Ruhainy Martis finished in third place and finally Micheli Matthew finished in fourth place, all from FKPD.

Mivabo says that a special thanks goes out to the sponsors of the drawing competition, Warehouse Bonaire and Win Cheung Supermarket.

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