Drive-in graduation ceremony at MBO Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – 22 MBO students recently received their diplomas in a special way. In the parking lot of the school on the Kaya Korona they were welcomed at a special drive-in event. 

The cars were aimed at a lighted stage. Occupants were pampered by employees of MBO Bonaire who walked by with snacks and drinks. One by one the graduates were called to the front on the red carpet where they were spoken to by their team leader or study supervisor. 

To the sound of loud cheering, the graduates received their diplomas. “Due to the current Covid-19-measures, we had to think creatively about a format in which we could sufficiently put all students in the spotlight,” explains unit director Liset de Keijzer. Of the 22 diplomas awarded, 8 were BBL (part-time) and 14 were BOL (full-time). 14 Diplomas were awarded to graduates of the ‘Welzijn’ course. 

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