“Drum”-court case to be heard in Sports Complex

One of the suspects in the “Drum”-case is led away by a prison guard after the initial “pro-forma” hearing of the case. Seen in the bakground (right), is Marije Vaders, one of the lawyers in the case. Photo: The BES-reporter.

Kralendijk – The Prosecutor’s office informs that the trial against the suspects in the so-called “Drum”-case will take place in a hall of Sports Complex ‘Kompleho Deportivo Boneiru’.

The case, where suspects of a home-robbery in Sabadeco and the subsequent death of Police Office Ferry Bakx stand trial, will take place from May 15 to 17, 2017.

The Court has decided to move the trial to the Sport Complex as Fort Oranje, where criminal cases are normally heard, does not provide enough space for a case of this size. The court expects the presence of not only the suspects and their lawyers, but also of family members, the media and other trial participants. There are no less than 7 suspects which have been charged as part of the judicial case.

The court case can also be followed by the general public, via live video streaming in an adjacent meeting room.

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