Dudley Wedervoort appointed at Pension Fund Caribbean Netherlands (PCN)

Wedervoort, seen right on the last row, will be the manager of the team of PCN employees

KRALENDIJK- Dudley Wedervoort has been appointed as manager of Pension Fund Caribbean Netherlands (PCN) per December 1, 2023.

After outsourcing the entire administration of PCN to external executors in its early years, the organization has been self-administering since 2019. An important task for Wedervoort will be the further streamlining of the administrative processes, and the optimizing and integration of the automated systems used by the Fund.

Wedervoort studied, among other places, at the University of the Dutch Antilles (UNA) and CURISES and holds a Master’s degree in Accountancy. Wedervoort previously worked at MCB Bank and for several years as head of the Finance department of the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB). Another important aspect for PCN is that Wedervoort has gained extensive experience as a board member at another pension fund on the islands. “This gave Dudley a significant advantage over other candidates,” says Harald Linkels, chairman of the PCN board.


According to Linkels, the fund’s board is enthusiastic about Wedervoort’s appointment. “Over the past years, we have already built up a great and motivated team of local employees. The addition of Dudley to the team is a bit of a crown on our efforts to establish a local organization that is not only exemplary in the quality of their administration, but also in the quality of service to our participants.”

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