Dutch Education Inspectorate compliments MBO Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- Last week the Education Inspectorate paid a visit to Bonaire to test the various units of the SGB. During these visits, the Inspectorate looks at the quality of education, the school climate and student care, among other things.

According to SGB, the Inspectorate showed themselves delighted with the developments within the MBO and complimented the entire team.The Inspectorate spoke of a fully-fledged MBO with a lot of entrepreneurship: “We see a team that is looking forward to it. Lecturers feel part of a professional whole and have an eye for the students. There is calm and positive energy in the classroom.” During the visit, discussions were held with management, the teaching team and students. Classes were also attended. The Inspectorate saw involvement, safety and satisfaction among students: “a big difference with a few years ago.”


After the visit, Liset de Keijzer, unit director MBO Bonaire, addressed the entire team: “I am very pleased that the Inspectorate compliments us on the developments we are going through. Every day I see how hard people work to train students for the business community on Bonaire. We are growing and thriving!”In 2018, the Education Inspectorate awarded the quality mark ‘basic quality’ to MBO Bonaire. With that characteristic, the school meets all the quality requirements of the Inspectorate and they can join the ranks of MBO schools in the Netherlands. Even now MBO Bonaire meets all the requirements of the quality mark.

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