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Dutch Naval Ship Intercepts Various Go-fasts

The Zr.Ms. Groningen Guard Ship has intercepted various go-fasts such as the one in this picture in past days.

Willemstad- The Dutch naval ship Zr.Ms. Groningen, functioning as the West Indian Guard ship of the Royal Netherlands Navy, intercepted a number of go fasts in the past week.

The interceptions were executed during a Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard patrol. After detecting the fast-moving vessels, the naval ship proceeded to intercept. A total of 424 kilos of cocaine and a bag of cash money were confiscated. The speed boats were seen jettisoning packages, a thorough search of the area rendered no results. A drowning person has also been brought to safety.

Last Sunday the NH90 helicopter also saved the life of a person on board of a capsized fishing vessel. The drowning person was taken from the sea and brought to safety. An American coastguard helicopter rescued the remaining three crew members.

The Zr.Ms. Groningen has been active since April 20, 2019 in the Caribbean sea. The West Indian Guard ship is deployed to act during counterdrug operations and render humanitarian assistance. In addition, it is also used for various Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard tasks in the Caribbean seas such as the detection of illegal fishing, environmental crimes and deployment during Search and Rescue cases. Zr.Ms. Groningen is equipped with two FRISCs and an NH-90 helicopter to perform these operations. Zr.Mr. Groningen will continue to patrol for the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard in the Caribbean sea.

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