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Dutch Navy Vessel Saves 6 Fishermen Close to Bonaire

The crew of Zr. Ms. Groningen assiting the Venezoalan fishing boat Eudismar, close to Bonaire. Photo: Coastguard.

Kralendijk- Dutch Navy vessel Zr. Ms. Groningen has conducted a successful rescue operation by assisting a fishing boat which found itself without a functioning outboard motor.

The boat carrying the name Eudismar was detected by the Coast Guard’s DASH-8 aircraft in the night of September 19 to 20, about 60 kilometers off the cost of Bonaire. The crew of the fishing boat was on deck was waving for help.

The fishing boat had started to experience trouble with their motors close to Trinidad, after which it started to drift off in the direction of Bonaire.

After an initial assessment of the situation, the technical department of Zr. Ms. Groningen decided to mount one of its outboard motors on the fishing boat, after which it was able to navigate to the harbor in Bonaire. The crew of the fishing boat was brought to the hospital on Bonaire for first medical response.

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