Dutch Parliamentarians With Flash Visit to St. Eustatius

Jan Paternotte (D66) will be heading the delegations of parliamentarians from the Dutch First and Second Chamber. Photo:

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- Tomorrow a delegation of Parliamentarians from both the First and the Second Chamber will be paying a short visit to St. Eustatius to see for themselves to what extent the island has recovered from the hurricanes.

The Parliamentarians also want to gauge the results of the administrative intervention of almost a year ago.

The visit of the Parliamentarians is part of a broader visit to the Dutch Caribbean for the bi-annual Inter-parliamentary Kingdom Consultations (IPKO).

The delegation, aside from chair person Jan Paternotte, will consist of Senate members Helmi Huijbregts-Schiedon (VVD), Sophie van Bijsterveld (CDA) and Peter van Dijk (PVV) as well as members of the Second Chamber André Bosman (VVD), Machiel de Graaf (PVV), Joba van den Berg (CDA), Antje Diertens (D66), Nevin Özütok (GroenLinks), Ronald van Raak (SP) and Attje Kuiken (PvdA).

President of the Parliament of Sint Maarten, Sarah Wescott Williams will preside over the IPKO which will be held in Sint Maarten from Tuesday, January 8th to Friday January 11, 2019.

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