Dutch Soldiers assist Mangrove Maniacs in Bonaire

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The work is heavy and, due to the presence of scorpions, not without danger of getting stung. Photo: Mangrove Maniacs.

Kralendijk- Soldiers from the 13nd ‘Infantarie Batalion Regiment Stoottroepen Prins Bernard’ have given a helping hand to the Mangrove Maniacs.

The soldiers helped with the planing of hundreds of Buttonwood trees, and the clearing and cleaning of various canals around the Lac Bay area. The trees were grown in the nursery of Tera Barra over the last months.

According to the Mangrove Maniacs, vegetation will help reduce erosion and the silting up of Lac Bay. The organization says they were quite impressed by all the work done by the soldiers. “Like a smooth running machine”, according to Mangrove Maniacs.

It is not the first time that the Military have lent a helping hand to the organization. Members of the 11 Air Assault Brigade have also helped the nature organization carry out various tasks.

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