Dynamic lineup of events for Tourism Awareness Saba

THE BOTTOM – The Saba Tourism Bureau has announced a dynamic lineup of events aimed at promoting tourism awareness on the picturesque island of Saba, leading up to World Tourism Day, which is celebrated internationally on September 27th

The activities, tailored for both residents and visitors, are designed to highlight the significance of tourism in the community. With September being the month to reflect on the impact of tourism, these initiatives aim to instil pride on the island and its offerings. 

Tourism plays a crucial role in Saba’s economy, contributing 24%, with a vision to increase to 35% in five years as per the Tourism Master Plan 2023-2028. The month’s activities include a social media workshop, an Instagram reel competition, a photography contest, a Sunset Zumba class, a yoga retreat, a street fair, and a Sunset Cruise, all celebrating the island’s charm. Additionally, Saba’s Bird Fest from September 26th to the 30th promises exciting experiences for nature enthusiasts. 


These events aim to bring the community together in appreciation of Saba’s beauty and its importance in sustainable development.

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