Echo Foundation Calls on People to Adopt a Tree

The Echo plays a big role in reforestation projects on the island. Photo: BES-Reporter

Kralendijk- The Echo Foundation calls on residents and visitors of the island to adopt a tree.

“If you are thankful for clean air to breathe, fresh water to drink, and healthy foods to eat, then this Earth Day please consider making a gesture of gratitude to our precious planet by adopting a tree! “writes Echo in a mailing sent out this morning.

Working in partnership with Nos Ta Biba di Naturalesa, Echo has been actively restoring the unique dry forest habitat and biodiversity to the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire, home to the endangered Yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot. lets people symbolically adopt one of 20,000 trees to be planted in Echo’s ongoing reforestation work. Adopters can choose between twelve native species of trees found on the island and help us plant hope for the future.

Interested parties can visit to learn more, and adopt a tree for themselves or a friend.

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