Echo Foundation with new reforestation project

The Echo Foundation will start with the planting of new trees close to the lookout on Seru Largu.

Kralendijk – Commissioned by the public entity Bonaire, the Echo foundation has begun with reforestation efforts on the Seru Largu. The foundation will start its work near the lookout point among the ring road on the hill.

This location is one of the ten areas where new forest will be planted. Each area is fenced to keep out goats, donkeys and pigs. The areas where the projects will be executed measure about ​one hundred to one hundred meters. At present, Echo is only doing preparatory work for the reforestation. The actual planting of native trees will occur only in the rainy season. The project is being paid for by the so-called nature funds.

In choosing the locations, Echo takes into consideration the specific characteristics of the area. On chalk, for example, other plants and trees will grow than on volcanic soil. Also being explored is the vegetation which was present long ago, and the way the area is used. The goal is eventually to plant 20,000 native trees in different areas.

Because of Bonaire’s warm, dry and rocky nature, the natural development of plants is often slow. Reforestation can lend a hand. More trees means that the roots can better hold the soil in strong downpours. Fallen leaves builds up a fertile soil and allows the soil to absorb more water so the trees grow better. “Trees also pick up dust from the air. Furthermore, trees are important because they give us shade. In addition, trees provide shelter and food for animals”, states a press release by the Public Entity Bonaire about the upcoming project.

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