ECHO intern research water retention methods 

A Groasis waterboxx is filled with water. Photo: ECHO foundation

KRALENDIJK- ECHO Foundation intern Ava is currently researching the best method to increase water retention in two of ECHO’s reforestation areas, Kach’I Baka and Seru Largu. 

These two areas have been selected due to their degraded condition meaning that when it does rain, rather than soaking into the soil it instead causes water run off, soil erosion, and plant loss. 

As part of her project, Ava has installed two different water management techniques. In Seru Largu, 15 Groasis Waterboxx’s have been installed and in Kach’I Baka reforestation area swales (trenches) have been dug. These two retention methods have been chosen based on the terrain of the landscape, resource and time management requirements.

Monitoring and comparing

Ava is currently monitoring and comparing the soil water retention level in both areas now that these water management techniques have been installed to determine how well they have helped improve water retention.

ECHO Foundation says they are looking forward We look forward to seeing her results and using her research to aid in our reforestation efforts. 

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