Edrieënna Brandao presents this year’s Big Live Nature Quiz

Edrieënna Brandao, born on St. Eustatius, will this year be presenting the Big Live Nature Quiz on April 21, 2022.

The Big Live Nature Quiz has a new theme every year. This year’s quiz focuses on endangered species on the Dutch Caribbean islands and the surrounding waters. In preparation for the quiz, Edrieënna spent a day at the Diergaarde Blijdorp in Rotterdam.

“In the zoo I was given a tour and I was allowed to ask questions about the different animal species. I was also about to ask questions about the zoo’s short and long-term plans for them”, says Edrieënna.

One of the things Edrieënna learned there was that the black iguanas spotted on Saba are not a variant of the well-known Lesser Antillean iguana and has recently been recognized as a separate species.


The presenter completed the HAVO on St. Eustatius and the VWO on Curaçao. She therefore has been able to experience life on both the Windward and Leeward Islands. She is now completing her educational bachelor’s with a focus on health & society and is looking forward to gaining more knowledge within the social sciences. 

Edrieënna  (27 years old) is very fond of public speaking and teaching. She sees her participation in the Big Live Nature Quiz as a fun way to exercise her moderating skills. She also wants to inform and encourage Caribbean residents about local nature conservation. 

“I’ve always been an animal nerd.” 

Although Edrieënna is not formally trained in the natural sciences, she has always loved nature. “I’ve always been an animal nerd. The first book I bought with my own money was called Mammals and I still have it!” Edrieënna also shared how much she enjoys watching documentaries by biologist David Attenborough.

In contrast to the previous years, this year the quiz is being presented by a real island child. When asked whether she, as a Statian, can better transfer the importance of environmental protection to the local inhabitants, she says: “I am pleased that as a woman from the islands I am given the opportunity to contribute to this project. I hope that other locals will also have the opportunity to bring their own color and give their own interpretation to these kinds of projects. This is how terms such as ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ really take shape.”

Kids vs. adult

DCNA wants to inform both adults and youth on the islands about nature conservation with the Big Live Nature Quiz. That is why there is both a children’s edition and an adult edition. Edrieenna explains that presenting the quiz to the two groups requires a different approach. “As a presenter, I think my task is to honor the needs of the two groups as they differ quite a bit,” says Edrieënna. She indicates that it is especially important to create a safe climate with lots of encouragement for the children, while for the adults – who from experience take the quiz from a bar with drinks and colleagues – it is more important to bring the challenge with humor. 

Concluding Edrieënna says: “I want to encourage everyone to get involved in the conservation efforts on their island. If you are unable to participate in the Big Live Nature Quiz, approach the local nature managers and see how you can contribute to a healthy ecosystem.” 

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