Edson Engelhart new Commercial Manager Flamingo Airport

Engelhart in front of the terminal building of Bonaire International Airport. Photo: Edson Engelhart.

KRALENDIJK – The airport of Bonaire, Bonaire International Airport, has a new commercial manager in the person of Edson Engelhart.

Engelhart has more than ten years of experience in the airport industry and looks forward to bringing his knowledge and experience to the benefit of Flamingo Airport and the island. “My ten years of experience in the aviation industry has given me the necessary knowledge and tenacity to take on this new and exciting challenge: building the commercial department for our airport.


Engelhart further says that he is convinced that Bonaire should have an innovative airport that has a social impact on the one hand, but is also revenue-driven on the other. “That’s why I’m passionate about creating BIA’s vision and strategy and outlining the steps for us that will prepare us for the future.

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