Elderly man attacked and wounded by dogs in Lagoen Hill

There are more complaints about the dogs in question, among others from car owners with scratches caused by the dogs 

KRALENDIJK- According to information obtained by ABC Online Media, an elderly man in the Lagoen Hill neighborhood  on Wednesday was attacked by a group of dogs living in the same street. The man had to be taken to hospital for treatment after sustaining sever bite wounds.

Authorities are aware of the incident, but say they will not take any action until a medical report from Fundashon Mariadal states that the man’s injuries were caused by dogs.

The dogs are said to belong to one family, which keeps no fewer than 11 dogs at the address at Kaminda Lagoen. The family in question, which owns the animals, would have absolutely no control over the dogs.


It is not the first time that local residents are complaining about the dogs in question. Earlier, a local resident complained about damage to her car, which would always be attacked by the dogs in question. Even then, the authorities believed there was nothing they could do.

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