Electric Rental Vehicles Now Available in Sint Maarten

Mirna Hodge from Commodore Suites charges a rental EV at the
new EV charging Station in front of Market Garden. Photo: Commodore Suites.

Philipsburg – An important step has been taken in Sint Maarten to make tourism on the island ‘greener’ and thus more sustainable, with the recent introduction of Electric Vehicles (‘EV’s) for rental purposes.

The initiative for the greener option was been taken by Commodore Suites, who have recently taken into service a total of 5 electric cars. The vehicles will be offered for rental both at Commodore suites and port side in Marigot at the French Side.

Once the four-seater cars have a range of over 55 miles and work out at about half the cost normally paid by renters of gas propelled vehicles.

“This green initiative fits perfectly with our business aim of operating a
boutique hotel on the basis of clean and renewable energy.” says Arnaldo
Phelipa, hotel manager of Commodore Suites. “Many of our short-term
customers, particularly crew members of visiting yachts, only want to rent a car for a matter of hours”

According to Phelipa, at USD 10 per hour, renting an EV is a green, clean and mean bargain. The rental charge includes insurance cover so there
are no extra fees and no fuel costs whatsoever.

Phelipa explained that the batteries of his Mitsubishi MiEV take only four hours to complete full charge. A distinctive EV charging station has been created on the carpark of Market Garden and alongside the port at Marigot. Charging normally takes place overnight.

Commodore Suites is the first and so far only hotel on the island to offer EV rentals. However, Phelipa expects other hotels on the island to follow the green trend.

“In future, we shall power our rental cars from solar panels. We are
already using solar panels to energize our illuminated signage and we have
introduced energy efficient lighting in all of our 25 rooms.”

Commosore Suites was opened in March 2016 and is located in Simpson Bay – above Market Garden on the corner of Welfare Road and Billy Folly Road leading to the Pelican Estate.

The hotel has proven popular with guests for a short to medium stay and on the island.

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