Emancipation Day Celebration on St. Eustatius

Government Commissioner Marnix van Rij & Deputy Government Commissioner Alida Francis

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- Yesterday saw the celebration on St. Eustatius of Emancipation day. Although still not an official holiday on the island, a lot of attention was given to the celebration of the day.

Acting Government Commissioner Alida Francis in a speech remembered the abolition of slavery 157 years ago and the six men on St. Eustatius, who had lost their live in the freedom fight.

“As we continue to forge ahead, we must embrace and celebrate the impact of their sacrifice, the beauty of their culture that has become part of our national identity, and the values of courage, resilience, perseverance and community that live on through us and will continue for generations to come”, said Francis.

Francis also said that it was important to look forward with renewed vigor and join hands that will build a just community where all could benefit and live in peaceful coexistence regardless of social standing, ethnicity, or geography.

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