Emergency debate on integrity and culture of fear Bonaire becomes item at the bottom of the agenda

KRALENDIJK- To the chagrin of the PDB faction in the Island Council of Bonaire, a public island council meeting requested by the red faction, with the main point being the Integrity and the culture of fear that would prevail among officials of the Public Entity Bonaire, has become the very last agenda item at another meeting already scheduled.

“In response to reports recently made public and publication in Follow the Money regarding administrative integrity and culture of fear within the Government Apparatus, our fraction -3 of the 9 seats in the Council- requested an emergency debate. Our request has now been added by Governor Rijna, who is also chairman of the Island Council, as the LAST agenda point for the Council meeting on Tuesday, October 11 at 20:00. The last!”, says Abraham in a statement on his Facebook Page. 

The PDB faction leader says he can only conclude that the island governor apparently does not see any urgency in dealing with the subject, which the PDB considers important.

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