Employees KPCN and BKCN follow course control room

Photo: The participants of KPCN and BKCN.

KRALENDIJK – Four control room employees of the Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN) and two employees of the Dutch Caribbean Fire Department (BKCN) recently have completed an intensive course.

The course aimed to certify the new colleagues of the control room for the islands of the Caribbean Netherlands as dispatchers. Over the course of one week, employees learned, among other things, what questions to ask in order to obtain correct and concrete information about the situation when they receive an emergency call and to subsequently deploy the relevant emergency services.

For the first time, the BKCN participated in this course to get an idea of what the procedure is when the control room receives an emergency call. The control room is both for the police, the fire department and the ambulance services of the Caribbean Netherlands. The unique participation of the BKCN in this course helps to improve the cooperation between the partners.

The current dispatchers also attended the course to be up-to-date with the developments in the functioning of the control room, which is now equipped with modern equipment and meets the general standards of the control room in the Netherlands. 

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