Employees of Waste Management Company Selibon ordered to resume work

KRALENDIJK – Employees of Selibon went back to work on Thursday afternoon, after the Court of Appeal ordered them to do so.

That wasn’t Judge P.E.’s only point of reference, however. Kort, who also urgently recommended that the parties sit down together to resolve the labor dissatisfaction that had arisen. The National Mediator, who was previously called in, will continue to play a coordinating role in the attempted mediation.

The employees also went back to work, in accordance with the order of the judge. During the long weekend they will try to catch up on the backlog in collecting garbage.

Incidentally, the court also ordered the employees not to stop working again for the next four weeks. If they do, Selibon can ask for a judgment in which the employees are obliged to resume work.


Employees of the garbage processors have a lot of grievances. For example, they point to the abject bad state of the equipment and to what they describe as dictatorial tendencies at the top of the company.

A schedule according to which the garbage containers will be emptied has not yet been announced.

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