Employees Saba Government participate in Conferences about Hurricane Preparedness 

According to Government, the participation underscores the attention the Public Entity has when it comes to Hurricane Preparedness. Photo: OLS

THE BOTTOM- Employees from Public Entity Saba actively engaged in crisis and disaster management events in April and May, including the National Hurricane Conference in Orlando and the Governor’s Hurricane Conference in West Palm Beach. 

These conferences aim to bolster hurricane preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation efforts, drawing professionals from various fields. 

Lisa Hassell, Philbert Ryner, and Roxanne Simmons represented Saba at the National Hurricane Conference, with Simmons emphasizing the conferences’ benefits in knowledge acquisition and professional growth. 

Meanwhile, Walle Bos and Lincoln Charles attended the Governor’s Hurricane Conference, focusing on crisis management skills enhancement through workshops and simulations. 


According to the Government of Saba, the participation of the employees underscores Saba’s dedication to ongoing professional development and knowledge sharing in disaster management.

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