St. Eustatius

Employees SEHCF march against CLA violations and ‘Nepotism’

ORANJESTAD – On Monday, a march took place in the streets of Oranjestad with personnel from the St. Eustatius Health Care Foundation (SEHCF). 

The march was organized by the All-for-1 (AF1) Union in protest to what is described by the union and their members as violations against the stipulations of the CLA, and behavior from the SEHCF board of Directors which they consider Nepotism and violation of the principles of Good Governance.

Over the past weeks, various letters have been exchanged by the parties, with the Union denouncing various incorrect matters at the Queen Beatrix Medical Center (QBMC) and the Board, who states not to recognize themselves in the allegations. 


The March is the high point of frustrations over uniforms which have still not been supplied, the payment of Cessantia to some staff members who are entitled to this and especially also the double role of consultant Juliet Hassel as Board advisor and HR Consultant at the same time. 

While the SEHCF maintains they are willing to meet the Union for what they describe as ‘respectful deliberations’, the AF1 union and many employees feel that the time for amicale and respectful discussions are a station which was already passed and not utilized by the SEHCF board when they had the opportunity to sit down to find joint solutions for ongoing issues at the Health Institution. 

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