Enthusiastic celebration of Flag Day on Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- Although the celebration of Bonaire’s Day traditionally seems a bit dull compared to the exuberant celebration of the Dia di Rincon, Tuesday Dia di Boneiru was enthusiastically celebrated.

The festivities started with a solemn Island Council meeting in the Passangrahan, during which various political leaders also reflected on the special day. After that, an official ceremony took place in front of the administrative office in Kralendijk. Various speeches were given there, including by Lieutenant Governor Edison Rijna and Deputy for Culture, Nina de Heyer.

Central to this year’s celebration of Bonaire’s Day was youth. “There is no future without youth, and that is no different on Bonaire”, said Lieutenant Governor Rijna. The first citizen pointed out that it was important that young people on the island have a good future. “There is economic growth, but especially the young people should benefit from it in the future. Our young people used to leave for Curaçao and Aruba, but we now see the opposite picture,” says Rijna.


Deputy Nina den Heyer went even further in her speech. “Our young people make the difference. They are a treasure of the island”. Den Heyer pointed out that in some places young people are not valued, or their importance is not sufficiently recognized. According to the deputy, who has said it after this term of office, Bonaire is not allowed to make a mistake.

After the official part of the celebration, the celebration continued in the afternoon in the Tera Kòrá district, where there was plenty to do with singing and dancing, but also well catered for the inner people with a wide range of food and drinks.

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