Entire ExCo Bonaire Vaccinated against Covid 19

Governor Edison Rijna rolling up his sleeve to receive his first jab against Covid-19.

Kralendijk- This morning, the entire Executive Council of Bonaire received their first vaccination against Covid-19 at the Cocari building in Rincon.

After the vaccination, members of the Executive Council held a short press conference. The Council, with their collective vaccination, wants to set an example for others on the island.

Governor Rijna calls on all residents to get vaccinated, so that Bonaire can resume it’s normal way of life and restart its tourism industry.

Governor Rijna addressing the Press outside of Cocari. Also present are Nina den Heyer, James Kroon and Hennyson Thielman. Photo: ABC Online Media


Currently, only the group of 60 years and older can register for the vaccination. This can be done via special number 0800 0800, but also via the Government’s crisis website

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