Entrepreneurs surprised by sudden start of lengthy road works Kaya Souer Bartola

Delmar Office Supplies, dentist office Haagens en Sushi Express are some of the business located on the road in question.

KRALENDIJK- Entrepreneurs located on the Kaya Souer Bartola are surprised about a letter they received late last week from the Bonaire Wegenbouw Maatschappij (BWM).

BWM says it will carry out the renovation of Kaya Souer Bartola on behalf of the Spatial Planning & Development Directorate. Although the repairs are more than welcome given the deplorable state of the road in question, several entrepreneurs located along the road say they feel surprised by the sudden announcement, and the fact that the work will take more than two months.

“This is my busiest season”, says Patricia Joven of Delmar office supplies, somewhat resignedly. The work will start on October 3rd and will last, at least until December 3rd.


BWM points out that the work will lead to a closure of the road from Kaya Hellmund Boom to the cemetery on the Kaya JE Nicolaas. BMW says to redirect traffic through signs.

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