EuroParcs will Construct New 106 Unit Beach Hotel

The new resort will be realized on the empty plot between the new Chogogo/Tui resort and the smaller scale Eden Beach Resort. Photo: EuroParcs

Kralendijk- EuroParcs, owner operator of Resort Bonaire on Belnem, will realize a new resort on a plot of the former Sunset Beach Hotel.

The new hotel will be constructed between the existing Eden Beach Hotel and the new Chogogo “Time-to-Smile” resort. The new hotel will consist of 106 ‘luxery units’ according to EuroParcs director, Wim Vos. “Bonaire stands for the ultimate holiday feeling and Sunset Beach Resort fits in with this, also with regard to the facilities. The resort will consist of 106 luxury apartments and penthouses, with a modern fresh appearance but also with accents incorporated in the Bonairian architectural style”, according to the company’s website.

“The resort will be further enriched with a beautiful courtyard with palm trees, a large swimming pool, luxurious sunbeds at that pool, a pool-cum beach bar and a restaurant that spoils holiday guests with delicious dishes from European and Bonairean cuisine”, says Vos.


The construction of the new resort will make many wonder in how far local Government is serious with their desire to reach a ‘smaller and more exclusive’ tourism on the island. Construction of multi story resorts seems to be the order of the day and the island continues to be filled with relatively large-scale resorts.

While the owners/developers describe the resort as ‘luxery’ it seems to be aiming for the same kind of traveler as for instance neighboring Chogogo resort, which cannot mostly be seen as the mass tourism Bonaire says it no longer wants.

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