European Parliamentarian Samira Rafaela Visited Island Governor Rijna

Photo: Department of Communication & Protocol

Kralendijk – Monday morning Samira has Rafaela, member of the European
Parliament for the Dutch political party D’66, made an official visit
with Island Governor Edison Rijna. Samira Rafaela will be on Bonaire with several bodies, including the Executive Council, the NGO Platform
Bonaire, Sea Turtle Conservation and others.

During the visit there was a special moment when Samira and Rafaela
Island Governor Rijna posed together under the flag of Bonaire, the Dutch
flag and the European Flag on the patio of the Administrative Office. On behalf of the Bonairean island government has Mr. Rijna the armor of Bonaire with parliamentarian Samira Rafaela pinned up as a token of friendship with our island Lieutenant Governor explaining the meaning of the weapon and what it stands for.

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