EUTEL has new Supervisory Board of Directors

ORANJESTAD- Local telephone Company EUTEL has a new supervisory board, formed by Shermen Gibbs-Pompier, Cecil Sterrod, Catherine Cagan-Brown, Ernest Sams and Edsel Hooker.

The board will be chaired by Shermen Gibbs-Pompier, who has been appointed as Chairlady of the board. With this, Gibbs-Pompier will be replacing Mr. Carlos Lopes, who has served as board chairman since 2017.

In addition to Gibbs-Pompier’s recent appointment, two new board members are new to the Supervisory Board of Directors: Cecil Sterrod, who was unanimously appointed as Vice – Chairman, and Catherine Cagan- Brown, who was also unanimously appointed as Secretary.

According to EUTEL the new supervisory Board of Directors represent a wealth of experience to the organization in a variety of areas. 

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