Everyone Can Enjoy A Completely Renovated Chachacha Pier in Bonaire

Kralendijk – The Chachacha Pier (Waf di Chachacha) is now in a completely restored form, so that the population can enjoy it. The Chachacha Pier is not without its own history. In the 70s and 80s of the last century, many young people who attended the then technical school – also known as the “Craft School” – went to swim at Chachacha in their free time. Many young people from Rincon also learned to swim on that pier, as Commissioner James Kroon indicated when the pier was reopened.
Wednesday morning, a group of elderly people who go for a daily swim at Chachacha celebrated the reopening of the pier with a tasty breakfast. Commissioner Crown who was also present congratulated the company and its employees who carried out the repair work for the excellent result. Congratulations were also made to the elderly who swim at the pier every morning. There were special congratulations for the group captain, Mr. Eddy Rijna who has been swimming at Chachacha for 37 years. The pier was baptized with champagne by Eddy Rijna together with “his” group of elderly people in the presence of the commissioner.

In his speech, commissioner pointed out that hard work is being done and that the necessary work is taking place at the appropriate time. What still needs to be done at the Chachacha Pier are the walls that need to be painted, so that the entire area around the pier is neatly finished. The commissioner also said that soon the Fisherman’s Pier (Waf di Piskadó) in Playa Pabou and the pier near Sorobon will be restored, so that both fishermen and other users can make use of it. The Bonaire island government has also made funds available for the restoration of the fishing hut in Playa Frans and the associated slipway. Finally, James Kroon emphasized that the island government does pay attention to our fishermen.

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