Excellent Promotion for Saba on Matador Network

The article contains quite some pictures, shot by Laura Grier

The Bottom, Saba- Although the travel industry at present is all but in a deep coma, good press coverage and promotion are always welcome, especially knowing that in the future travel and tourism will one day be back to normal.

The article about Saba in the online travel magazine of Matador Network is nothing short of excellent PR for Saba as a travel destination.

In the article dated April 23, 2020, titled ‘The Caribbean’s most magical island is one most tourists have never heard of’, writer Matthew Meltzer provides quite some practical information for those interested in a visit to the smallest island of Caribbean Netherlands.

The article writes, among others, about Windward Side, Juliana’s, Mount Scenery, the airport, Brigadoons and Queens Gardens. The article includes quite some nice looking pictures, although it is noted that some -not to say most- do look overly colorful, like some filter has been added to enhance the natural beauty of the island.

No over-tourism

Mark Johnson, who is quoted throughout the article, says he is not afraid that Saba will ever be affected by over-tourism. “It doesn’t have what a general tourist is looking for.”

“There’s no sandy beach, no way to just be entertained. It doesn’t have resorts, there are no casinos, there’s no nightlife. You have to entertain yourself. And it’s not typical of what people are looking for in a Caribbean island. But still, most of the people that come here really like it.”

The complete article by Meltzer can be seen here.

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