ExCo Bonaire: Clear Position on the continuation of BonLab

Nina den Heyer explained the position of the Executive Council, when it comes to BonLab

KRALENDIJK – The Executive Council supported by the PDB, M21, and Councilman Vrolijk unequivocally expresses its support for the continued existence of BonLab. Commissioner Nina den Heyer stated during a press conference last Friday that a lot had happened, yet little had changed regarding the laboratory dossier owned by the local government.

“It’s funny – if I may call it funny – that after almost a year, I can pick up the BonLab file again as if nothing has happened in the meantime,” said den Heyer, who seems to believe that the previous Executive Council could have done more to ensure the laboratory’s survival.

Meanwhile, there is a positive recommendation from the Laboratory Care working group, advocating for maintaining two laboratories on the island. According to Den Heyer, the Executive Council has now adopted and endorsed the working group’s recommendation.

“The previous criticism was that the Public Entity did not express itself clearly, or at least not clearly enough, as a supporter of the survival of BonLab. That’s why we, as the Executive Council, have now sent a letter to the Ministry of VWS to indicate that we are adopting the working group’s advice.

Conscious Choice

Commissioner Clark Abraham believes that the island’s residents can also contribute to the survival of BonLab. “When patients are consulting the general practitioner and they are referred to the laboratory for a test, the doctor always asks which laboratory they prefer. I would advise patients to make a conscious choice for our own laboratory. This way, everyone contributes their share”.

The Executive Council aims for a sustainable, structural solution to the BonLab issue. Meanwhile, the organization is updating the business plan. The Executive Council, together with the Island Council, wants to ensure that there are sufficient financial resources available for the local laboratory.

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