EXCO Bonaire Happy With Results of Holland trip

Commissioners Kroon, den Heyer and Tjin Asjoe are happy with the results achieved during their working visit to The Netherlands. Photo: Nico van der Ven.

The Hague – Commissioners Elvis Tjin Asjoe, Nina den Heyer and James Kroon are happy with the results they have achieved during their work visit to The Hague over the past week.

The deputies have wrapped up a rather full program. Immediately after arrival, the first meeting took place at Amsterdam Airport. “We have not had time to be bored” said Tjin Asjoe says with a wink. “We already arrived with a well-filled agenda, but during the week more appointments were made with people who would like to do something for Bonaire.”

At many meetings, the three deputies acted as a team, such as during the meeting with members of the Second Chamber committee for Kingdom Relations and the Council of State. In addition, they have had many bilateral discussions regarding their own portfolio.

Poverty and childcare
“For me, the emphasis was on the fight against poverty,” said Nina den Heyer. “I have discussed this extensively with State Secretary Tamara of Ark of Social Affairs. In that conversation I also argued for making childcare accessible free of charge for 0 to 4 year olds, which would make a huge contribution to the fight against poverty among single-parent families.
To earn a decent income, many people have two jobs, but if you are a single parent, you also have to take care of your children. With free childcare you can fly multiple birds with one stone: it is good for the parents involved, for the children and for the economy, “said Den Heyer who, in addition to all formal meetings, also spoke to students from Bonaire about their experiences.

Firm commitment
Elvis Tjin Asjoe looks back on the working visit with great satisfaction. “The highlight for me was the agreement with the Ministries of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Interior and Kingdom Relations. Thanks to the financial contributions they have promised, there is a prospect of a successful end to a year-long conflict over the phasing out of the sewage treatment plant. That is good news for the citizens, the coral and the farmers and hotels who want to use purified water” according to Tjin Asjoe.

Tjin Asjoe said he was also pleased with the signature of Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen under the promise to continue to subsidize the drinking water rate until 2025 with 1 million euros annually. “At the installation of our new Executive Council I could not have imagined that we would soon be able to achieve such concrete results in The Hague.

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