EXCO Bonaire Presents New Government Program

The Goverment Program was officially presented by Governor Rijna Yesterday.

Kralendijk – The Executive Council of the Public Entity Bonaire has presented their Government Program for the period 2019-2023. The title of the 46-page document carries the sub-title “From all of us, by all of us and for all of us”.

“This Government Program has received input for the entire community,” says Governor Edison Rijna in the preface. He thereby refers to the fact that the program was established with the cooperation of many citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations that responded to the Executive Council’s call to provide concrete input and suggestions for the coming years.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the large number of submissions and their quality,” said Rijna. “However, it also caused a bit of a problem. We would have liked to present the program before the 100th day of the new Executive Council, but we wanted to carefully look at all the submitted suggestions”.

The Government Program is divided into 6 chapters: Socio-economic development, Opportunities for all through education, Sustainable economic development, Well-maintained, sustainable, qualitative and safe infrastructure, Good governance and a well-functioning government apparatus and finally enough income for subsistence.

“It’s a realistic program. The commissioners did not commit the mistake of engaging in all kinds of promises which sound nice, but are difficult to fulfill. At the same time, it is also a very ambitious program with which the entire EXCO gives itself a hefty assignment.

The new government can see seen on the website of the Public Entity Bonaire: www.

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