Executive Council Bonaire approves 2024 Draft Buget

KRALENDIJK – On August 30, 2023, the Executive Council approved the draft budget for 2024 of the public entity Bonaire (OLB). 

The budget, which will be submitted to the Island Council for approval on September 1, is a multi-year budget that shows the financial implications of the intended policy and investments over several years. With a total of $88 million, the budget is balanced for 2024 and the years 2025 through 2027. Priorities include poverty reduction through reduced costs of living with public transport, infrastructure improvements, road maintenance, water management, and affordable housing. 

Additionally, local food production is being encouraged through the establishment of infrastructure for farmers. The draft budget also includes administrative innovation and strengthening of implementation capacity. 

Cft Advice

The College for Financial Supervision (Cft) has provided advice, and in October, the Island Council will make a decision. A concise summary of the budget will be published on the OLB’s website simultaneously with the draft budget’s submission.

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