Executive Council Bonaire not truthful about changes to Bachelors Beach redevelopment

The current situation at Bachelor Beach. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- ABC Online Media, responsible for among others news media and The BES-Reporter, has strong indications that the Executive Council, formed by UPB and MPB, is not telling the truth about adjustments to the design for the beautification of Bachelor’s beach at Belnem.

Recently, the unveiling of a project board at the popular beach was cancelled at the last moment, after another storm of criticism threatened to arise about the plans for the approach and redevelopment of the beach.

In press releases and publications on their own website, the ExCo hastened to state that the design of the ‘beautification project’ had in the meantime been adapted. “The public entity Bonaire has decided last year that an artificial beach will no longer be constructed and tanning beds will no longer be placed at Bachelor’s Beach (Playa Fòrn’i Kalki). The planned renovation has been adjusted on various points, so that it is more in line with the wishes of the population of Bonaire”, could be read on the website of the Public Entity,, with date February 28. 

According to the same message, examples of adjustments were -aparte from the changes stated above- that more paved parking spaces would be reated compared to the original design, and that only one food kiosk would now be built, instead of the original three.


However, the claims of the Executive Council about the changes to the design of the beach turn out to be incorrect. ABC Online Media understands from a usually reliable source that not only is there no new design, but that the architects who designed the plan had recently received confirmation from the Department of Space & Development of the Public Entity that the plan -as originally designed- would be carried out ‘as is’.

There is however lack of clarity about the awarding of the project to a construction company, for execution of the plan. The architect of the plan, GOA architects, has some time back even recommended to redo the awarding of the project totally anew .

ABC Online Media also understands that the Public Entity was warned by Gino Obersi Architecture (GOA) that it does not have the freedom to adjust the plan without coordination with GOA, as architect of the original plan. If Government decides to move ahead without the blessing of GOA, it would potentially be liable for damages.


The unveiling of the project board, which was cancelled at the last minute, can only be seen as an attempt by the Executive Council to move the discussion about the project beyond the election date. However, the fact that there would now be a different and adapted design, simply is not in line with reality.

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