Executive Council Bonaire Unaware of Road Closure for Te Amo Beach for Private Party

The illustration shows the planned road closure. 

KRALENDIJK – The new Executive Council of the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) is unaware of a wedding celebration that was supposed to lead to the closure of the road to and from Belnem in the evening and night of November 23.

The news caused both hilarity and anger on social media on Friday evening, with citizens making mocking remarks about the road closure.

However, the Executive Council claims not to be informed about the intended road closure. “This was discussed briefly within the executive council today, and I can confirm that the EC is not aware of this,” said Commissioner Clark Abraham in response to questions from ABC Online Media.


The Executive Council will further examine the matter on Monday. In principle, the granting of such permits is delegated to the administrative apparatus. “But we must be careful about any potentially precedent-setting effect. In addition, closing off an entire neighborhood for a private celebration seems to be quite a significant measure,” Abraham noted.

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