Executive Council chooses Hato as location for New Cargo port

Sketch of the terrain where the new Cargo Port will be constructed

KRALENDIJK- After a long-term process about the location of a new cargo port for Bonaire, the Executive Council has recently made a final choice.

Based on the results of a social cost and benefit analysis (SCBA) conducted by Ecorys BV, it appears that the location in Hato – where WEB’s warehouse, several offices and workshop are now located – offers the most financial benefits.

“The new location will provide sufficient space to handle containers, sand and construction materials arriving as freight. More freighters will be able to be received efficiently, which could lead to lower operating costs and lower prices for products and services to consumers. The Executive Council has come a long, but successful way, where concrete steps have been taken to realize this project for the benefit of our island”, says Commissioner Hennyson Thielman.

The location at oil terminal BOPEC was also included in the evaluation, but the costs of a cargo port at that location turned out to be considerably higher and exceed the possible benefits.

Next step

The next step is now the environmental impact report (EIA) that must be drawn up. The results of the evaluation of the effects on nature, local residents, noise, nuisance and traffic will be taken into account in the design and layout of the new cargo port.

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