Executive Council have found solution to conflict about Sunset Beach Resort permit

There is white smoke, but the contents of the agreement are not yet known. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- The mediation process between the members of the Executive Council seems to have been successful.

The two MPB Commissioners, Thielman and Den Heyer, were at odds with fellow Comissioner Kroon (UPB) about the granting of a permit to the Sunset Beach Resort. Inadvertently, Island Governor Edison Rijna had also become involved in the conflict by agreeing with Provincial Executive Kroon in favor of granting the building permit for the resort.

During a press conference on Wednesday afternoon to brief the press about the recent visit of the Executive Council and the Island Council to the Netherlands, the mediation process was also briefly discussed.

“On behalf of the Executive Council, I can announce that the mediation process has been successful and that we have found each other,” said Governor Rijna on behalf of the other three members of the ExCo.


Lieutenant Governor Rijna, however, did not yet elaborate on the content of the solution found. “We are still putting the finishing touches on the agreements, and after that we will go public with it,” says Rijna.

It is therefore not clear as of yet what the final outcome will be and what this will mean for the planned construction or for the building permit which is currently on the table. 

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