Executive Council of Bonaire did not publish a single decision for 2023

PDB leader Clark Abraham was quite critical about the way the Executive Council communicates about their decisions

KRALENDIJK – The Executive Council of Bonaire has not yet published any decisions made in the year 2023 up to this day. This fact became clear on Tuesday evening during the discussion of the annual report for the year 2022. Party leader of the PDB, Clark Abraham, strongly criticized the conduct of the Executive Council. 

“How can we, as the Island Council, do our work if Executive Council decisions are not published? And how are citizens supposed to know what decisions the Executive Council of our island is making? This is absolutely unheard of and disrespectful. But Deputy Thielman doesn’t seem to be concerned,” Abraham said. 

A visit to the government’s website, confirms that no ExCo decision has been published there, even though the first 6 months of the year have already passed. 

Room for improvement

Commissioner Hennyson Thielman (MPB) admitted that it was not correct for decisions not to be published. “I admit that this is not how it should be and indeed needs improvement,” said the commissioner. 

Abraham responded sarcastically to Thielman’s remarks. “Sometimes you wonder how difficult it can be. You have a website, and you click ‘upload,’ and there it is online.” The PDB council member accuses the current administration of a lack of transparency. Abraham also stated that he takes promises of improvement with a grain of salt.

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