Executive Council puts weight behind BonLab

KRALENDIJK– The Executive Council (ExCo) has sent out a letter to State Secretary Blokhuis (Public Health, Welfare and Sport) requesting suspension of the decision of the Care and Youth Caribbean Netherlands Directorate (ZJCN) to terminate the care contract with Bonaire Laboratorium NV (BonLab) at the end of this year.

ZJCN wants to place the medical activities, including part of BonLab’s staff, at Fundashon Mariadal.
The Government of Bonaire is a shareholder of BonLab. After being informed about the termination of the care contract, the ExCo has considered, not only in the role of shareholder, but also as a representative of the interests of Bonairean society the matter at hand. The ExCo now says they have come to the conclusion that there are serious objections to the procedure followed by ZJCN. The decision is contrary to the position that the Health Insurance Office made known to the board of BonLab in 2018, but it is also based on a report which may not have been fully objective.


The ExCo also objects to the fact that BonLab is given only 9 weeks to take appropriate measures, including fulfilling employer obligations towards employees, and the way communication about the matter has taken place. This all has caused what Government calls ‘unnecessary unrest’ among BonLab staff and among the population. The ExCo proposes to State Secretary Blokhuis to jointly find a solution for the matter which has now arisen.

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