Exhibition ‘Hende den Naturalesa’ na Washington Slagbaai National Park


KRALENDIJK- On March 26 there is again the opportunity to admire the exhibition “People in Nature”/’People in Nature’, this time at Washington Slagbaai National Park. 

STINAPA Bonaire has created an exhibition in an initiative of cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund with the aim of showing the great diversity of nature conservation and management activities on Bonaire.

Bonaire is known for its beautiful nature. Less well known, however, is the large group of organizations and individuals who work hard behind the scenes to preserve and protect our nature for current and future generations. That is why STINAPA Bonaire and WWF-NL have created this photo exhibition to give residents and visitors a look behind the scenes. We want to show the work that many organizations are doing, to create a better understanding of the work to preserve Bonaire’s nature. This is also something to be very proud of, as Bonaire is a pioneer in the field of conservation.

Short films

In addition to the photo exhibition, short films have also been made in which the work is explained in more detail and the reasons why the work is so important to Bonaire. These videos can be viewed online via a QR code. A box next to the photo provides more information about the organization in question.

The event is on March 26 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Washington Slagbaai National Park. At 9:30 and 10:30 there is the possibility to do a tour of the museum. Guided tour is led by Chief Ranger George Kultura.

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