Exit road at Flamingo airport disgrace to tourism

The airport exit road, often a first impression for arriving tourists, is a complete eye sore at the moment. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – While Bonaire International Airport (BIA), the Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) and the Public Entity Bonaire tumbled over each other last week to announce to the world how much tourism is growing on the island, and how fast revenues have risen after the introduction of the tourist entry tax, it is apparently still difficult to invest in actual improvements on the island.

Recently, BIA outlined during a press conference which expansions can be expected in the year 2026. However, when it comes to the current facilities, implementation of improvements seem harder to realize. 

Visitors to the airport who use the so-called Kiss & Ride strip, tourists who rent a car and airport visitors who use the ‘long-term parking’ facility are currently confronted with a stretch of road that makes the rest of the infrastructure on the island favourable in comparison. 


Many who see the stretch of road with huge craters cannot understand why the BIA, Bonaire Government and TCB are unable to deal with the eyesore, so that arriving visitors await a slightly more favourable impression of the island than is currently the case is.

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