Extension of South Pier Nello Craane Bonaire nears completion

Kralendijk – After the foundation piles for the extension of the South Pier Nello Craane were placed in November last year, the next phase of this project has started. The fully prefabricated substructure of the pier extension has been placed on the foundation piles. All concrete parts are made in Akkrum, Friesland, by the company Knol, which is carrying out this project and the renovation of the South Jetty Nello Craane in 2018.

Dozens of concrete beams and floor parts were brought in with the ship Eurogracht of the company Spliethoff. Because there are pieces that weigh more than 20 tons, there is no crane on Bonaire that can lift this and the pieces have been placed on the previously placed piles with the ship’s crane. “It is the first time that the ship has been used as a construction crane,” said the proud first mate who thought it was all wonderful. It went well and within a day the lifting job was completed under the direction of the Knol firm.

The Executive Council witnessed the event when this took place. “It is inconceivable that these true elements have been placed on the foundation piles with great precision” was the reaction of Governor Rijna when he saw how it was carried out. “It is very similar to building with Lego, but much bigger and heavier. Very good what has been achieved here, ” he said.

The extension of the South Pier will be completed in the coming weeks. Stone Crusher has delivered 100 cubic meters of concrete for the completion of the pier extension.

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