Extra Covid test required for US travelers arriving on Bonaire

Only travelers staying shorter than 5 days are exempt of the new requirement. Photo: ABC Online Media.

Kralendijk – From September 1, 2021, travelers from the US arriving on Bonaire, will have to take an extra covid-test on the fifth day after arrival.

The measure is implemented as the United States are now considered as a ‘very high risk country’ by Health Authorities on the island. An exception applies however, for travelers with a short stay. American travelers with at least a 7-day stay should take the free test at the Public Health Department, on the fifth day after their arrival. They should also take a test for their return flight at one of the commercial providers.

Short stay

Short-stay travelers are exempt from the free test on the fifth day, but should take a test for their return journey. As a special measure, short stay travelers are requested to submit a copy of their test result to the Public Health Department.

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